Cabecao D’or from BUSOT

Technical Data Sheet

    • Classification: PR – Small Tour
    • Path Type: Circular
    • Departure and arrivalCAO
    • Shire(s): Campo de Alicante (Alacantí)
    • Population: Busot
    • Difficulty: Medium
    • Time: 4 h
    • Distance: 12.6 Km
    • Net Unevenness: 720
    • Accumulated Elevation: 828

How to get there: https://goo.gl/maps/R1BiS6fJ82E2

InfoTourist Busot Phone: +34 965 699 092

Email: busot@ebusot.com

The trail begins about 3 km from Busot,following the Jijona road towards the Canelobre Caves (CV-774). Before reaching them by CV 776, in Pla de la Gralla, we find a parking lot where there is the information poster of pr-CV 2.
At this point begins the route in a south direction along the paved road to the Cuevas del Canelobre, where at the end of this asphalt esplanade begins a path that descends in a south direction to the Plaza del Cabecao. From this point we ascend in a north direction, being a great zig-zag this part of the path until we reach the Polset House. The path is very marked as many hikers pass throughout the year, and the sign is quite good.
From the Polset House, if we want to climb to the summit, we will do so by taking the path that goes right in the northeast direction. It crosses small rhinestones and goes under walls until it reaches a small hill on the somital ridge. To get to this hill you have to make a small climb very easy.
From the col and following the water cut first, and then a little inland, we will reach the summit of Cabecao d’Or.
To continue the itinerary, we will return to the Polset House to continue along the path on the right as we go down (north direction). The rest of the itinerary is in descent, the path crosses some rhinestones to the Racó de Seva, where it becomes a forest track, which we will take in a south direction and that will take us to the parking lot of the beginning