Please read carefully and accept this document as it gathers the recommendations to be implemented by the Campsite to minimize hygienic and sanitary risks, without prejudice to current legislation, and that must be complied with during your stay in our facilities.

The campsite may terminate the contract, if there is a breach of the rules by the customer in addition to not accepting the terms and conditions mentioned herein


First of all, please respect and comply with the indications set out in the signage distributed throughout our facilities and follow the instructions contained herein and those of our staff.

In order to avoid you travelling to reception and, at some times save shift to be taken care of you can contact us by phone:
965 63 06 70
if you are at the campsite and we will inform you

If the reception staff is busy, please wait your turn, respecting the safety distance recommended by WHO (2 meters) and as soon as possible it will be taken care of.

To the extent possible, please make your payments by contactless card. If you make payment by card, it will not be handled by the employee at any time.

To ensure your safety we have removed any brochure from our counters, so if you are interested in getting any you can request it from the receptionist.


  • Avoid greetings with physical contact, including shaking hands, both staff and other customers.
  • Throw away any personal hygiene waste

-especially disposable handkerchiefs- immediately to bins or containers. NEVER on the floor or out of the bins.

  • Wash your hands thoroughly often, especially after sneezing, coughing or touching potentially contaminated surfaces, following WHO recommendations.
  • Use the hydroalcoholic solution dispensers that you will find in different premises of the campsite.
  • Respect the safety distance (2 meters) and avoid crowds.
  • We recommend the use of appropriate footwear for showers.
  • In the toilet modules, for the use of toilets, sinks, showers and urinals, wait for your turn by keeping the safety distance and do not stay inside them while you are busy. Observe the indicator signals.
  • The use of the mask in common areas such as a sanitary block will be mandatory. It will not be mandatory to use it in the plot or the client’s bungalow. It will also not be mandatory to use it in the streets unless it is very busy.


Our greatest concern is to ensure that the risk of contagion does not increase and for this we have established special measures in case there is a person with symptoms compatible with the disease who must be kept in preventive isolation together with the relatives, if any, awaiting instructions from the competent services, as well as the Ministry of Universal Health and Public Health

PCR results, if negative, the patient will be informed, who will return to normal life.

In case of positive result, you should know that waiting to be transferred to an accommodation dictated by the Ministry of Universal Health and Public Health for patients of Covid 19 external to us, you must be isolated pre-emptively in a bungalow together with your relatives and in no case leave

The costs of the accommodation will be borne by the customer, except if the customer has medical insurance that covers these circumstances

Human and material resources (Individual Prevention Equipment, Masks, Gloves, Hydroalcoholic Gel, Screens) have been allocated, as well as protocols of action in the event that an employee or client shows any symptomatology compatible with COVID-19.

In addition, it must be the same patient, whether it is a customer or an employee who immediately contacts the phone enabled for it, always from your accommodation to inform you of your situation so that they proceed immediately

Contact phones Health Conselleria: 900 300 555 or 112


As noted above, we are implementing the guidelines set by competent bodies and our staff, depending on their job, has, inter alia,:

  • Specific training based on: Use of equipment, use of cleaning and disinfection products (both personally and on the tasks of your work) and preventive maintenance plans.
  • Material: Masks, gloves, screens.

We wish you a happy stay and will be happy to help you in any way that we can be of use to you.