Campello is much more than a beautiful beach as you will discover when visiting its nautical club, docks, and docks, and sailing school, its fishing port where fresh fish is sold to visitors from 17 h, its long walks along the sea, its charming shops and the wide shellfish variety offered by restaurants.

From the very heart of the Costa Blanca emerges a marine ambience village which has become, without losing its traditions, a first class seaside resort due to its 23 km of coast, going from white sand beaches such as Muchavista to the sheltered cove of Coveta Fuma or the gravel beach of the seaside district of Carrelamar.

There is an island called Baños de la Reina close from the Camping site beach, there the ruins of an ancient Roman town are located, you can visit the Roman baths of crystal clear water and have a bath by yourself. This archaeological site from the bronze age and was inhabited later by the Iberos and the Romans.

The local holidays begin in May there is the Mig Any with traditional events such as El Gran Baile, and La Entraeta de Moros y Cristianos”.At the beginning of June we celebrate the Barri de la Trinitat Fiestas,and in mid-June the Saint Carmen day with a ship parade. In October the Fiestas Patronales honouring (la Mare de Deu dels desamparats y a Santa Teresa) and the Fiestas de Moros y Cristianos take place.